Butes in Brief

Butes are a high impact high involvement advertising solution that takes your message directly to the consumers you are targeting.


Butes are ideal as a stand alone campaign option or as media support to a larger medium plan. Butes are the ideal way to actively target the “hard to gets” who haven’t seen or been influenced by your message in other mainstream media you may have used.


Butes are an effective advertising medium to promote:
• General brand awareness
• Store Openings
• Competitions
• Events & Festivals
• Sales
• Election Candidates


Butes have extremely low setup costs which mean that the majority of your advertising spend can be used to take your message to the market.


Bute campaigns are structured around your objectives in regards to both campaign timing and the locations concentrated on during activity. Butes also offer the added advantage of allowing flyers & samples to be distributed throughout the campaigns at no additional charge, which allows you to further entice consumers to engage with your business.

Display Size: 2 x 1950mm X 1950mm – Sides
1 x 1320mm X 1950mm – Rear
Units available: Brisbane – 6, Melbourne - 4, Other states on request
Production: Vinyl Skins
Sampling: Yes - (Chilled sampling also an option)
Driving Time: 8 consecutive hours per day (minimum)
Day & Night: Both Day & Night shifts can be accommodated.

* Please note longer campaign flights can be arranged POA